High Institution of Justice for Judicial Independence

In order to offer a solution to the outstanding problems within the Turkish judiciary, the report includes a comprehensive proposal of forming a “Superior Board of Justice”.


The proposal envisages the adoption of a structure which:

  • Fully assures and secures the independence of the judiciary;
  • Will be owned by all stakeholders relating to the judiciary;
  • Will eliminate any political influence on the functioning of the judiciary;
  • Will enable the lawyers, judges and prosecutors, as elements of the judiciary, to be organised in their own professional organisations;
  • Will separate the judicial activities and the organs deciding judicial policy;
  • Will open all kinds of court judgments and rulings to judicial review, thereby fully and effectively assuring judicial accountability; and
  • Will position the Constitutional Courts as the ‘authority of appeal’ within the frame of the judicial review.


This proposal is in essence a prototype for a well-operating service organisation with a more developed structure and a strong and accountable body, making it compatible with all requirements of management science.