Adnan Bali – Member of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Isbank

I had the chance to get to know Mr. Mehmet Gün through his book “From the Steppes of Anatolia … To the World of Global Law”, where he tells the striking story of his life full of challenges and bittersweet coincidences. Having personally gone through similar experiences and having a strong bond of gratitude and responsibility with my homeland, I find it particularly meaningful the way Mr. Gün is professionally engaged and puts his efforts into sharing his knowledge, while working with the same enthusiasm as on his very first day. Despite all its historical progress, humanity is still struggling in terms of meeting the most basic social expectations such as justice, transparency and accountability; as witnessed today by numerous discussions carried out over the rule of law, democracy and jurisdiction. I consider Mr. Gün’s detailed analyses, concrete findings and recommendations in this book as sincere steps towards solving these problems. I believe that this work will contribute greatly to a society of people who become the most ardent defender of democracy “for themselves” in the face of injustice, but fail to act in the same manner when it comes to requiring democracy for others.