Economic Sustainability Requires a Better Judiciary and Civil Constitution Securing Its Sustainable Independence

As our Republic embarks upon her second century in 2023, The Better Justice Association has resolved to work towards a civil constitution that will ensure sustainable independence of the judiciary, the country’s fundamental problems, and especially bring about deep-rooted solutions to governance and economic issues.


Our association, to this end, alone if need be or with national and international partnerships, at events with national and international participation, will raise awareness of the civil constitution, collate civil society’s views, and create a fully transparent library that will be fully accessible to everybody at all times. Within this framework:


a)   A Civil Constitution Commission will be created to work within our association under the supervision of the Board of Directors. The Commission will consist of a board of executives and a board of advisors, the latter of which will discuss our country’s fundamental matters with common sense, develop proposals, and publicise these, ultimately making suggestions to the executive board.

The Commission will accept members from the business sector, civil society organisations (CSOs), academia, media, and other relevant sectors, regardless of their membership of the Association. All those interested may apply to join.

b)   The Economy and Law Gatherings conducted with the Dünya and Ekonomi media outlets shelved prior to the elections will be resumed with a focus on the country’s fundamental matters and questions of a civil constitution.

c)   In addition, international conferences, workshops, educational events, and others will be organised.

d)   Our Association will organise events and other miscellaneous partnerships with interested universities, CSOs, national and international think-tanks, experts, and thought leaders.

e)   Our Association will provide intellectual support to initiatives aiming to develop proposals and solutions on the fundamental structural challenges faced by our country.