Proposal for Establishing SUPREME AUTHORITY of JUSTICE for Judicial Independence

The existing superstructure of the judicial bodies and organisational units does not support solidarity, positive cooperation or efficient service production amongst professionals but, on the contrary,  encourages them to disregard and exclude each other, to act alone, and to refrain from corporate and individual accountability, thereby causing a paralysed, contradictory and incompliant relationship between them.

To assure the independence and accountability of the judiciary; to make sure that the judiciary reflects of the politics of society regarding justice and the judiciary; to dampen the intention of politicians to influence the judiciary at an early stage, before it can reach judicial activities and elements and, thus, ensure the elimination of just criticisms, complaints, problems and concerns of society in connection therewith; and, at the same time, to make the judiciary capable of producing healthy, effective and productive judicial services at the same level as its contemporaries, may be possible only with the judiciary superstructure outlined and described in this report.

This superstructure can be easily established by the foundation of a superior umbrella organisation, which could be named the “Supreme Authority of Justice” by rearranging the relations between the judicial organs, and by allowing legal resorts and remedies against all kinds of decisions and actions of the judicial organs relating to the judiciary.