Full and Frank Disclosure Principle to Change the Understanding of Dispute Resolution

Regarding the dispute resolution and the disclosure of the facts and evidences subject to disputes; with this report, the principle of “Full and Frank Disclosure”, a proposition of a judicial mechanism that provides sincere, complete and correct disclosure and submission of material truth and evidence was proposed. It was advocated to introduce mechanisms and processes to prevent misconduct and complication of the proceedings, and to impose serious sanctions for non-compliance, thus building confidence between claims, defending and court, and providing quality and prompt judicial services.


This creative and innovative solution was proposed to improve the unbalanced distribution of workload throughout the judicial process, to distribute more proportional duties and responsibilities to the parties and their attorneys, and to achieve higher success and raise efficiency with the use of fewer judges in the judiciary system.


In 2017, this proposal was shared with Izmir and Bursa Bar Associations and the public, particularly attorneys and academics. It was presented to the Minister of Justice and the ministry’s top bureaucrats and was highly welcomed. It was also shared with the public at a conference held with the Transparency International – Turkey in Istanbul. The activity about the Honesty Rule in Purpose 8 of the released “Judicial Reform Strategy 2019” document was taken from this presentation of our Association.

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31 Ağustos 2022

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